Continuous tone, full color artwork

The realistic drawings on this page of the site are full color technical illustrations of products or prototypes of objects. Unless noted, these drawings are "vector art" - drawn in Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator. Usually, extreme realism is desired, and because these drawings are in vector format, they can be enlarged or reduced to virtually any size without any image degradation. These vector drawings are a "one-shot" illustration. What you see is what you get. If you decide you need to see the object from a different angle, the entire drawing must be replaced. All the modeling, light, and shadows are drawn as separate objects and blended to create the visual effect. As some of the samples note, they were produced in NewTek LightWave, a 3D modeling, rendering and animation program. These drawings are done similar to what most people would call a CAD (computer assisted design) style. Every aspect of the object is drawn, then in the lighting and rendering stage, the object is rotated to show the most appropriate view. If a different view is required, the object can be rotated, backgrounds changed and so on without major effort. The end result is a bitmap. That means that you receive a fairly large image that you can reduce and sharpen as you wish. If you need to have a larger image, a new rendering must be done. The renderings take up a lot of computer time and resources, so really large images must be rendered over the weekend when the computer won't be used for several hours. There are obvious pros and cons to each style of technical illustration, and we'll talk it over with you before heading down the drawing path.

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