Cutaway Dawings, Phantom Views, Exploded Views, and See-through Drawings

The technical drawings on this page fall under the category of cutaways, phantom, ghosts, see-throughs, and a long list of other terms used to describe a drawing that allows the viewer to see inside an otherwise solid object. Typically, a cutaway drawing has layers removed, or a "pie slice" cut out of the object so the inner construction is exposed. As much or as little detail will show as is required by the client. A phantom view or ghosted image will still show construction, but the outer skin of the product remains visible to a slight degree, giving an "X-Ray Vision" effect since you can "see through" the object. Exploded views are generally for installation or construction uses; all parts of the object are drawn, but separated in a way that allows the assembly factor to be clearly recognized. Exploded views are also called Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPB), and are usually done as black and white line art, although we get requests for grayscale and tonal drawings as well. Due to their common use in instruction manuals and data sheets, cost is the determining factor that relegates this type of technical illustration to black and white.

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