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Ron Rockwell has been illustrating and creating graphic design for commercial and industrial clients since the mid-60s. That was back when artists had ink on your fingers and eraser crumbs on your clothes. The noise of an air compressor for the airbrush has been replaced by the quiet hum of a computer. In those days, I went to the art store to buy pen nibs and press-type; now I purchase software upgrades.

I started my career in a print shop, working for a college technical illustration teacher. I've been an art director at job shops and ad agencies, and written books about Macromedia FreeHand and Adobe Photoshop, created courses for both FreeHand and Adobe Illustrator, and was the technical editor on several books on graphics and photography, so my grasp of software and the world of print and the Web provides you a quick, inexpensive turnaround for your project.

Most of the artwork here was produced as vector art in either Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator. Rarely, Adobe Photoshop is used as the final project. These days, jobs are more likely coming from NewTek LightWave. Drawing in LightWave provides many more opportunities to repurpose an illustration - even animate it - so even though it costs a small percentage more than a vector drawing, you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Whereas a 3D drawing is done once and the object can be manipulated to different views, a vector drawing is a one-shot item - any change in view constitutes a new drawing. The benefit of a vector drawing is that it can be enlarged or reduced from the original file to virtually any degree and still maintain crisp, sharp detail without any image degradation. The 3D renderings from LightWave are bitmapped, however, so we provide a fairly large image that can be reduced to suit future projects. If a larger image is needed in the future, it will be provided at no cost (if delivered electronically).

Our terms are a 50% deposit to start the job, and the balance is due before final delivery. This policy is due to the fact that everyone is in a hurry to get the job done, but once it's delivered, payment is in the hands of someone in Accounts Payable who doesn't share the urgency. My grocer demands payment before I remove the cat food from his store. My cash flow is no different. Deposits can be made through PayPal, or a mailed check. Immediately upon receipt of the balance, the final artwork is delivered either electronically, via email or the client's FTP, or shipped via FedEx on a CD, depending on file size and client's needs. Preliminary art for approvals is in the form of an email of low resolution images.

If you would like an estimate on how much a particular job would cost and how long it would take, please call (423) 532-0882. We're located in eastern Tennessee, within a few minutes' drive of the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Ron Rockwell • Nidus Corp. • 896 Hartsell Road • Newport, TN 37821

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